I love bread, sometimes i think that bread is the solution to everything, even world peace and equality. I’m very nerdy about bread, but foremost...It has to taste good!

In the bakeries where I worked, I always laid emphasis on selling quality products (both bread and fikabread). My passion to bake genuinely, with real commodities and my commitment to the environment (and hence sustainability) made me want to create my own company that would totally work for my own values. That’s why I started Café Torget in Åre. In the fall of 2015 we were nominated for Guldgalan in Jämtland for this year’s sustainable company. In January 2017, our KRAV certification was approved at the highest level.

Today, I’m woking for Krokom Kommun with a project called Grönt Center i Ås. The purpose is to increase the cooperation between people in the green sector (forestry, agriculture, garden, and rural life), so that more green business can grow. My title is quite exciting: Klustermotor.