Estefanía is a chef with a Master Degree in Culture/Arts Management and Diploma in social responsibility within agriculture. She is born and raised in Bogota, Colombia who has moved to Östersund, Sweden via Barcelona. Why? - Well, I completely fell in love with the landscape, the purity of the air, the amazing food and the wonderful people, she says.

During her studies, Estefanía had the opportunity to work with Funleo, a nonprofit organisation with the aim of preserve of Colombia’s food traditions while highlighting sustainable practices and local production’. After finishing her bachelor in Gastronomy at the University of La Sábana, Estefanía moved to Montpellier, France to learn French and to get inspired by the Mediterranean food culture.

Later, she moved to Barcelona, where she completed a Master Degree in Cultural and Arts Management at the International University of Catalunya. During this period, Estefanía had the opportunity to work with renewed institutions, such as: - The International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism. For 2 years, she worked closely with researchers and experts from around the world to empower local communities by guiding and supporting local leaders in regions to understand the potential of their distinct Food Culture. - European Region of Gastronomy. - El BulliLab, where she developed extended research about food marketing and communication.

Estefanía is part of Pluma Collective and founder of F L I P it up with food!