Our Team

Hej! Here is the crew behind the Eat Art Festivalen!

Fabienne Theiler - Fabvolution

Founder & Project Manager

Fabienne is an event manager as well a passionate host. Welcoming guests is part of her DNA as she’s been growing up in a hotel family in the Swiss alps.
Her career started at the hotel reception where she soon learned that a smile can evolve one’s hidden fabulousness.

A journey back to nature:
Growing up in the most fantastic Engadine Valley - St. Moritz and the nearby ski station Davos, Fabienne has always been surrounded by nature and mountains. After her studies in Tourism & PR and working experience in Cape Town she settled down in Zurich where she was part of a little event agency doing big events for delegations at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Home game! Getting a taylor made suit at last minute, organizing an Aston Martin in a pedestrian zone in the middle of the town or trying to wake-up an African president because he’s missing a press conference, no problem for her!

After a few years organizing business events largely for international companies Fabiennes desire to go back to nature and putting more focus on the real things in life became stronger than ever. The real things? Back to nature, good food and working sustainably. That’s about the story how she ended up in Kluk - Jämtland in 2015. Whilst being a chef at Kretsloppshuset Fabienne managed learning herself Swedish and got familiar with the locals. After a while with ecological creativity in the kitchen she soon missed the contact to people and turned back to her original profession as event and communication manager. Now she's working with regional projects involving local food & tourism as well as coordinating events such as the Eat Art Festivalen or Eat Up Food Walk Åre.

Julia Pearson

Organiser - Creative Commité

I love bread, sometimes i think that bread is the solution to everything, even world peace and equality. I’m very nerdy about bread, but foremost...It has to taste good!

In the bakeries where I worked, I always laid emphasis on selling quality products (both bread and fikabread). My passion to bake genuinely, with real commodities and my commitment to the environment (and hence sustainability) made me want to create my own company that would totally work for my own values. That’s why I started Café Torget in Åre. In the fall of 2015 we were nominated for Guldgalan in Jämtland for this year's sustainable company. In January 2017, our KRAV certification was approved at the highest level.

Today, I'm woking for Krokom Kommun with a project called Grönt Center i Ås. The purpose is to increase the cooperation between people in the green sector (forestry, agriculture, garden, and rural life), so that more green business can grow. My title is quite exciting: Klustermotor.

Estefanía Coral

Organiser - Creative Commité

Estefanía is a chef with a Master Degree in Culture/Arts Management and Diploma in social responsibility within agriculture. She is born and raised in Bogota, Colombia who has moved to Östersund, Sweden via Barcelona. Why? - Well, I completely fell in love with the landscape, the purity of the air, the amazing food and the wonderful people, she says.

During her studies, Estefanía had the opportunity to work with Funleo, a nonprofit organisation with the aim of preserve of Colombia's food traditions while highlighting sustainable practices and local production'. After finishing her bachelor in Gastronomy at the University of La Sábana, Estefanía moved to Montpellier, France to learn French and to get inspired by the Mediterranean food culture.

Later, she moved to Barcelona, where she completed a Master Degree in Cultural and Arts Management at the International University of Catalunya. During this period, Estefanía had the opportunity to work with renewed institutions, such as:

- The International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism. For 2 years, she worked closely with researchers and experts from around the world to empower local communities by guiding and supporting local leaders in regions to understand the potential of their distinct Food Culture.
- European Region of Gastronomy.
- El BulliLab, where she developed extended research about food marketing and communication.

Estefanía is part of Pluma Collective and founder of F L I P it up with food!

Johanna Johnsson

Organiser - Creative Commité

Barbara Peters - A Nomnom Story

Organiser - Creative Commité

Barbara is a food & beverage PR specialist as well as a German copywriter and marketing translator. After a short stop in finance communication (too financial) she worked in the press department at Procter & Gamble (awesome) and then landed at international food & wine communications agency Sopexa (and became a hopeless foodie).
Her highlights there:
The German media intro of the kiwi berry
The communication for a B2B networking event held by the French Ministry of Agriculture which resulted in the coming of 500 guests
Several years of press relations for the French goat cheese dairy board as well as Côtes du Rhône wines, landing articles in major German media publications
In 2016, she relocated to the creative city of gastronomy Östersund, culinarily-speaking the best place to start her boutique communication studio, specialising in all the food, all the drinks… all the noms, basically. Today she works for international food clients and PR agencies on the German and Swedish markets, helping companies connect with their customers through food events, press relations and Social Media.

Linn Aldén

Organiser - Creative Commité

Linn, 24 år med stort engagemang för bra mat ur ett hälsosamt, miljömässigt och socialt hållbart perspektiv med foten i matbranschen och en bakgrund inom det agrara.

Fia Gulliksson - Food in Action

Founder & Creative Advisor

Food and sustainability advocate Fia Gulliksson has put Jämtland, in the heart of Sweden, on the global culinary map. Fia is a serial entrepreneur and a self-trained chef focused on creative gastronomy. Charged with the spirit of Pippi Longstocking and the vigour of IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad she was appointed as Honorary Doctor PhD by the Mid Sweden University 2017.

Fia uses food and culture as the tools for sustainable profits. She’s CEO of Food In Action Company Group founded by her in 2000. The company has launched a number of successful initiatives and sustainable brands like The Great Nordic Feast, Eat Up Food Walks, Flowfood and prizewinning Jazzkoket.
She is also behind her hometown Östersund’s successful bid to become a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and the host city of the network’s annual summit in September 2016.Her initiatives have catalysed the development of the county of Jämtland’s development and put the region firmly on the map. What’s more, Fia’s companies provide enduring social and cultural capital in rural areas, they’re debt-free, and… they’re profitable.
Fia spent three years as the host of Swedish Radio’s popular MENY (Menu) food and cooking show. Furthermore on she also inspired Bergen in Norway to become a UNESCO Creative City. After years of work they finally got appointed in December 2015.